Let me ask you something.

Have you ever had some plan or dream gnawing away in your head that you just never got around to doing? I mean, you might even have made a start on it, but it just never quite got going. You started it enthusiastically enough, but what you were doing never quite fitted the cloudy idea floating around your overwhelmed mind.

I’ll bet that you definitely have had this happen loads of times, no matter how old you are! Many people use the word “procrastination” to describe these matters, but to me, it doesn’t quite hit the bullseye. Because procrastination implies that you simply put off an activity because there are easier things to do. But for me, it’s not that I was lazy, it’s because what I was doing just never felt right. It didn’t flow, it wasn’t something I could get up every morning and just “do”. It required effort and overcoming stubborn resistance.

So why am I putting this situation to you? Well, because that kinda describes what happened to me and this platform you’re reading right now.

Although it has my name, it has had quite a few guises over the past decade or so. At one time it was a pretty successful blog about “Mind Power” and “Law of Attraction”. I’d send my mailing list of around 5,000 to the posts, to pretty decent acclaim! It was meant to be a solopreneur styled business, but eventually frustration took over and I nuked the site.

Kind of ironic for a “mind success” site, right? But, you see, it just didn’t fit. Although it was an excellent learning experience, and a bloody expensive one too!

Anyway, I digress, and here we are many years later with my first post on the brand new iteration of RichBlackburn.net! But there’s a difference this time. I have no business idea in the background, no greater plan of how this fits into life’s great journey.

All I know is that I want to write. I need to. It’s been gnawing in my mind for faaaar too long. And I need to write about whatever I want, whenever I want, without worrying about pleasing an audience – if I even have an audience! Time will tell on that last point.

Yesterday I went to a secluded church called Ampleforth Abbey in North Yorkshire, and pleaded for the guidance to find my true purpose and finally act upon it. And now, here I am on a late June evening writing this post directly onto this site. I’m gonna check the spelling and then publish – no editing.

Because sometimes in life, you gotta pray for direction and then just DO SOMETHING!

Let’s see where this thing ends up!

New readers never go back and check the first posts on a blog anyway ;).